About us

We are a small family business and only run this business as a sideline. We are not a big company and we don't have any employees. The parts are made by myself in my free time and polished and packed by my wife. These are not Chinese products. Our products are Made in Germany. Our doors are open to everyone to get an insight into our production.

Since we both (my wife and I) work full-time elsewhere, the parts are mostly created on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Unfortunately, 99% of the time we do not have any goods in stock, as this is not possible with the large number of products and colors.

Since my main job also includes regular business trips, I am not always at home every day during the week. NO parts can then be manufactured in such a time. In the event of longer delays due to full-time work, we will always provide the best possible information.

Unfortunately, since it can happen from time to time that I "spontaneously" have to travel for work, i.e. from one day to the next, even such information cannot always be displayed directly. However, short-term trips are usually only 2-4 days.

We have 4 small children who are above everything and come first.

The delivery date given on the invoice is set as best as possible and the stated 2 - 3 weeks are ALWAYS aimed at, but unfortunately cannot always be met for the reasons mentioned above, despite the best preparation.

We therefore ask for your understanding if we do not answer an inquiry directly or if your order cannot always be sent at the specified time. We do our best to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible and to process orders in the best possible way.